The Gardener Professional Weekly Lawn Cutting Services

Professional Weekly Lawn Cutting Services

Wouldn’t it be great to return home to the smell of freshly cut grass, instead of an unruly yard that beckons you to get out the lawnmower at the end of your busy day? People are over-scheduled these days, making it almost impossible to keep up with the grass cutting that is required to have great looking, healthy turf. When you get weekly grass cutting services from The Gardener, you will appreciate your great looking property, and enjoy more time to relax.

Our weekly maintenance includes:

  • Professional grass cutting
  • Edging of walks and flowerbeds
  • Removal of all clippings from patios, walkways, and driveways

Stop Wasting Your Time on the Chores That You Dislike- Get Lawn Cutting Services Instead

  • Gain hours of free time this summer that would have been spent on yard work
  • Appreciate your curb appeal without having to labour for it
  • Enjoy convenient billing and affordable payment plans

We always recommend adding the bagging and removal of lawn clippings to your service package, especially in early spring and through the summer. This time of year, healthy growth and regular cutting can generate an unsightly volume of clippings that can track inside your home and make a frustrating mess. Also, gardening and shrub trimming can be added to your weekly service, having all of your property taken care of at once.

Your lawn maintenance chores and grass cutting can be complete by the time you return home from work, giving you the evening to relax and enjoy your property, instead of tending to it. The Gardener’s professional landscapers can complete your tasks quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly on a consistent weekly schedule.

Are you ready to start spending your free time on the activities that you actually want to do? It's only 60 seconds to request an estimate today.