The Gardener Soil & Mulch Installation

Soil & Mulch Installation

Organic Soil and Mulch to Make Gardens Thrive

Put down your shovel and let The Gardener deliver and spread your soil and mulch. Our completely organic materials will enhance your garden and heighten your curb appeal. For about the same price as it would cost to have a bag of soil dumped on your driveway, we'll deliver and spread your triple mix anywhere you want it.

The Gardener Advantage

Other landscape material suppliers will drop your products off on the driveway, leaving you to shovel, spread, and clean the driveway when you're done. The Gardener will distribute your landscape materials throughout your garden and lawn just as you intended, saving you days of yard work and the hassle of getting out the shovel, rake and wheelbarrow.

Triple Mix
  • Nutrient dense combination of compost, peat, and loam
  • Plump up flowerbeds and planters
  • Grow bigger, healthier plants
  • Level lawn, topdress, or supplement gardens
  • This multipurpose organic will be installed at the same cost that many competitors charge just for the material
  • Enhance the appearance of your property
  • Select from several different colours and materials: from beige, red and black, cedar, pine and hemlock
  • Minimize weed growth
  • Protect plants and shrubs in cold temperatures
  • Maintain moisture and minimize watering in hot temperatures


Extreme climate can contribute to a great amount of erosion from your planting beds and lawn. Ensure that you’re topping up your garden with quality nutrient rich earth and keeping your mulching thick enough to maintain its benefits.