The Gardener Fertilizer Program

Want a Thick Green Lawn?

The Gardener's Lawn Care Service is what You Need!

Take advantage of The Gardener’s environmentally friendly and effective fertilizer and lawn care services and stop wasting your time tending to your property. Our services are proven effective, and quickly provide you with visible results. Our comprehensive programs include all of the treatments that your turf needs to thrive, naturally. Without introducing any harmful substances into the environment, The Gardener can give you the best grass on your block.

Select Your Level of Service

We provide a variety of packages that can work for any budget. Whether you’d like us to take over your property completely, or you’d like to supplement what you’re already doing, we have an option for you.

Starter Program
  • 4 applications of a golf course quality, slow-release fertilizer to provide consistent growth and colour all season
Performer Program
  • 3 applications of slow release golf course quality fertilizer
  • 1 application of 100% organic fertilizer for healthier turf and soil
  • 2 applications of natural weed control
  • Overseeding with certified #1 seed
Completely Organic Program
  • Turf RX® soil testing
  • 4 applications of 100% organic fertilizer
  • 1 application of soil corrective
  • 2 applications of natural weed control
  • Overseeding with certified #1 seed

The Gardener operates under the following Lawn Care Code of Conduct:

  • Protect the Environment by preventing fertilizer run-off and using low-emission equipment
  • Service technicians are professionally trained and wear company uniforms
  • Use environmentally-safe products
  • Will NOT guarantee a perfect lawn with no problems
  • Offer educational tips to customers so “you can help us help you”
  • Every customer receives a detailed service agreement
  • Follow sound Agronomic principles as outlined by professional agronomists
  • Fertilizer application visits are determined by the optimum time for grass growth. Fertilizer is not applied at incorrect times such as late winter/early spring and mid-summer.

Want your Flowerbeds to Thrive?

You can add our specific garden and shrub treatments to ensure your entire property looks lush. This package includes four applications of fertilizer (2 granular and 2 foliar) designed to ensure your plants get the nutrients required to look vibrant and robust all season.

You can receive your quote for the Basic Program directly from the website (60 seconds to your quote) and then during the initial visit to your property you will be provided with the cost to upgrade to the Performer or Complete Program based on the actual size of your lawn.